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Babe, your words are killing me,
don’t cover me with hurt.
I’m not your enemy,
love can be so absurd

Strophe 1:
You’re the one that gives me so much
I can’t believe, that you are true.
When I recieve a smile from your face
for me, the whole world’s born anew.
I try to give you what you want to,
but what I try, it isn’t right.
For all my faults, I have to pay for
and punishment follows on side.

Strophe 2:
I’m so glad, that I once met you,
life was grey, before you came.
And I hope that you are glad too,
but I’m not sure, you feel the same.
You don’t know how good It feels,
that I am allowed to love you
noone else will ever see
the shiny halo there above you.

Strophe 3:
What I need, I know the best,
they all don’t know, what’s good for me.
Feelings can’t be put in words,
but I’m not blind, I still can see.
Although sometimes it is not easy
walking through the brushwood of you moods,
but when you put your arms around me
everything seems to be good.

I trust you
I believe everything you say
You promise me love
I will promise you everything
I don’t know how to thank you
for all that you have given to me
So insn’t it natural, that I make some
Sacrifies on our altar of love
The love that will last forever
I hope it will……………will it?



Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIs
2013 auf unserer Webseite (Vocals recorded at „Otterbau Studios“)
Länge: ca. 06:27 min