And lays like a pestilence
over them,
and they wonder
why it smells!

Strophe 1:
And the decay
crawls out off them.
From their eyes,
when they stare at you.
From their ears,
when they listen to you.

Strophe 2:
And they scream: “Where’s this god?“
From their mouth, And they don’t feel him.
when they babble at you. He’s already in them,
In the inside of their purse
and they search for new gods,

Strophe 3:
And they’re amused with nothing, ´cause nobody told them:
but they think, they’ve got everything. ignorence, decadence
And they don’t understand very much, and, at last, stupidity!
´cause there’s not much to understand.
And they don’t think very much,
´cause there’s not much to think about.

Strophe 4:
Dancing with their friends,
They call it culture, going wilder and faster
they are pretty amused. and one of them falls down,
the others dance him to mash
his arms, his legs, his head,

Strophe 5:
They smile while they’re listening, and finally his guts and his brain,
but nothing remains in their heads. Pretty amused now,
They smile while they’re watching, ´cause there’s more place!
but they close their eyes.
And they smile when you speak,
but they only mumble.
And aou are condemned
to live among them!


Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIs
2013 auf unserer Webseite (Vocals recorded at „Otterbau Studios“)
Länge: ca. 11:05 min