Strophe 1:
she could be water but instead of healing
she is deserting all my feelings
she is the weakness that creeps through my bones
she is a spirit made out of stone

Strophe 2:
she’s a snake she’s the devil in me
torturing my fantasy
she’s a demon with poisoned wings
kissing with seductive stings
she’s like a flame that burns my brain
her words are driving me insane

Strophe 3:
she’s like faith she’s simply there
she eats my guts and i don’t care
she’s a trip that i cannot end
is the answer i don’t understand
she’s a killer and i don’t know
whether she is friend or foe

Strophe 4:
she’s an arrow and she’s drilling my head
she’s an angel laughing at the dead
she’s a beast and she’s the master tumbling me into
a deeper disaster
she’s a drug and she is feeding my dreams
her whisper sounds like desperate screams
she’s an ocean and she washes me away
she’s the dawn that finishes my day.

She is a snake, … devil, … deamon, … beast, … angel, … killer, … killer




Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 05:04 min