Strophe 1:
To forgive and forget
when all ideals turn to ashes
so easy to decide
but not to execute.

To forgive and forget
while the demons are still dancing
violated by nature
and raped by faith.

And everything that I see
are green and red colours
changing immediatly
into different shades of grey.

Wandering alone
through dreams of disillusions
searching for a sign
and starving for belief.

Unable to move
I´m lying bounded on the ground
with calm in my eye
and fire in my head.

Unable to move
I´m hiding from my destiny
with dreams in my soul
and pain in my past.

I will not say
I´m unwilling to change my view
I´m unable to act like a human
Unhappy to think like a slave

But then I agree
to unagreeable words
to unthinkable thoughts
to eternity from the view…
…of an insect

Strophe 2:
So the cruelity comes near
and all tears are kissed away now
formed a body from the dust
with a mind out of steel.

And my eyes disappear
I don´t need them anymore
just the feelings in my head
and the world´s becoming clear.

Starring at the world
with the view of a child
everything that remains
is a shadow of the past.

A contract in my hand
it is signed with my blood
I try to understand
but I always fail…

Unable to move
I´m lying blinded on my knees
with calm in my head
and fire in my eyes.

Unable to speak
I´m searching for my destiny
with pain in my soul
and dreams of the past.



Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIs
2013 auf unserer Webseite (Vocals recorded at „Otterbau Studios“)
Länge: ca. 05:54 min