Pale blue eyes

Strophe 1:
She lies in the corner
next to the toilet seat
pin-pricks in her left arm
the needle at her feet.

Strophe 2:
Take a look at her eyes
and you see no pain
She looks so peaceful satisfied
had her dreams flow through the drain.

Strophe 3:
As father gets the message
a drink calms his thrill
Her mother gets hysteric
at once looks for her pill.

She has her dreams, has her ideas
refer to her parents, they turn to fears
She has her own will, so this girl
doesn’t lit into their stuffy world.

With her friends she tastes some dope
in ecstasy she gets new hope.
When she comes back, the world seems cruel.
So she needs more for staying cool.

Strophe 4:
Soon she takes stronger drugs
and than she fells alright
thinks, she could live without it.
Her eyes still shine so bright.

Strophe 5:
And if the problems come
she flees into her dreams
take a new injection
and nothin’ is what it seems.

Strophe 6:
“We’re in a vicious circle”
the woman says and smiles,
she’s looking provocative
with her cheap hustler style.

Strophe 7:
She sells her body, sells her cunt,
for ugly, fat men she has to grunt.
At last, she has just one desire,
singing in the angels choir.

Bridge 2:
Her pale blue eyes stare at you
no dignity was in her death.
For statistics, she just another corpse,
a gently victim took it’s last breath.

Her pale blue eyes
turn to grey … fade away.
Her pale blue eyes
fade to grey, so turn away.



Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 10:24 min