Keep smiling

Strophe 1:We were so young and hot and wild
some years ago.
But then our ideals have been sold out
our spirits get low.
Today we phone sometimes
in a very friendly way
and when we meet we’re talking
about the good old days.

Refrain 1:
So I put on my mask and try
to smile at you, for you
but only for a while
then you go away
and I stay in my thoughts
and dark waves wash the smile away.

Strophe 2:
You’re playing with your lipstick and I feel
as if you’re playing with my soul.
You tell me about your warm ideas
and I only feel so cold.
We talk about your life and you don’t see
that I’m dying.
And in my heart I hate myself
while I’m lying.

Strophe 3:
Have you ever asked what’s the meaning
of this fucking life?
Have you ever asked for some reasons
and get no replies?
Have you ever asked yourself who rules this
piece of shit?
Don’t wait for an answer ‚cause you
won’t get it!


Refrain 2:
So put on your mask an try
to smile at me, for us
but only for a while
then we go away
and you stay in your thoughts
and dark waves wash the smile away …



Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 06:00 min