Strophe 1:
I will reach for the sun and the star shine for me.
I am swimming into wideness while the sea is floating me.

Without any sense of fear I am hunting for the sky,
all the deserts full of flowers and the oceans getting dry.

On a clouded-winged horse I am riding through the air,
escaping from reality, the past is anywhere.

Drunk of life, love and madness I will leave the holy ground,
stepping into misty future where no reasons can be found.

But than I’m prisoned in the cage
that the sadness built for me
constructed on a winter day
where summer sun should be.

Dirty claws around my throat
and in chains made out of trust
I am waiting for the daylight
realizing that I’m lost.

I will forgive you
I will forgive you
I will forgive you
I will forgive you

Strophe 2:
So I feel sorry for emotions, but the damage’s always done.
One or two eternal moments and the truth is right to come.

And as the moon forgets to shine in a heavy icy night
I find any kind of answers but not one of them is right.




Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIs
2013 auf unserer Webseite (Vocals recorded at „Otterbau Studios“)
Länge: ca. 4:56 min