Feeling low

Strophe 1:
Black veils are falling on my eyes and kiss them
dark velvet lies inside my head.
Colours turn to grey and things turn to nothing,
time loses its meaning for me.

Strophe 2:
Nothing from outside can touch or inspire me
and nothing from me gets outside.
I´m sitting in my isolation in silence,
and waiting for… I don´t know.

Strophe 3:
Thoughts come an go and I cannot control them,
unable to react and I feel
how they are wandering through my mind an begin
to torture my heart and my soul.

Strophe 4:
Someone talks to me, I can´t understand him.
Arrows coming out of his mouth.
He hurts me although, I don´t think that he wants to
or am I blessing myself?

Strophe 5:
Touching the skin and the eyes of a black ghost,
then he´s slipping inside me
killing some important parts of my spirit
and bloody tears run through my mind.

Strophe 6:
Waiting for cure and waiting for medicine,
waiting for a sign of you.
You try to tear the gloomy shield there around me,
but I don´t know if you really want to.

I need you
Feeling low, feeling low, feeling low, …



Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 08:31 min