Strophe 1:
You destroy my love, before it starts.
Your words are louder than the voice of my heart:
Your ice-cold fingers, are digging in my brain.
I don´t try anything, ´cos I´m afraid of pain.

You turn my sweet melancholy into dark depression.
To kill the spirit of fortune is your cruel profession.

Strophe 2:
You kill my fortune. You kill my past.
If theres some happines, you will come at last.
Hope is your enemy, and you are strong.
So to defeat it, won´t take you long.

Break 1:
„Come and dance with me“, says the apple tree.
My leaves will caress you while you´re flying.
„I see, you have brought such a pretty cord.
Today is a nice day for dying.“

Strophe 3:
Your´re always next to me and you try indeed
to smash my personality, and maybe you succeed!
My courage´s lying down on its knees
I ask for nothing, but will you leave me please?

Break 2:
„Are there better graves?“, ask the rivers waves.
And the moon seems to laugh at me.
What a gloomy ditch lays beyond this bridge.
Is this the place where I want to be?

Break 3:
„Looking for a drain?“, asks the friendly train.
„I think my wheels can help you find it.
Steel embraces well, and, please, let me tell
you that lifes not more than a piece of shit.“




Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 04:26 min