Rise of beauty

Strophe 1:
I wait for you.
I stand here alone.
My big cold friend
has already gone.
I feel your rise
look behind your disguise.

Refrain 1:
I dive into your light for a moment…
and I cry
I lay here at your side, fall asleep and…
end my flight.

Strophe 2:
Black turns to blue
then blue turns to red
I feel your warmth
a feeling I never had.
I don’t want to see
‘cause I know how cruel… you could be

Refrain 2:
I can’t flee your embrase you’re shining
In my mind
Your brightness kisses my face, I close
my eyes…or go blind.

Strophe 3:
The day wakes up
you take place on your throne.
No one could stop,
my sky in your home.
I feel you rise
look behind your disguise.

Strophe 4:
I enjoy your kiss
life has no sense without.
I don’t want to miss
your touch from the clouds.
I don’t want to see
‘cause I know how cruel you could be




Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 05:41 min



Strophe 1:
she could be water but instead of healing
she is deserting all my feelings
she is the weakness that creeps through my bones
she is a spirit made out of stone

Strophe 2:
she’s a snake she’s the devil in me
torturing my fantasy
she’s a demon with poisoned wings
kissing with seductive stings
she’s like a flame that burns my brain
her words are driving me insane

Strophe 3:
she’s like faith she’s simply there
she eats my guts and i don’t care
she’s a trip that i cannot end
is the answer i don’t understand
she’s a killer and i don’t know
whether she is friend or foe

Strophe 4:
she’s an arrow and she’s drilling my head
she’s an angel laughing at the dead
she’s a beast and she’s the master tumbling me into
a deeper disaster
she’s a drug and she is feeding my dreams
her whisper sounds like desperate screams
she’s an ocean and she washes me away
she’s the dawn that finishes my day.

She is a snake, … devil, … deamon, … beast, … angel, … killer, … killer




Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 05:04 min


Dustbin romance

Strophe 1:
My hand in your hand
we are walking down the street.
The air is noisy
and smells like rotten meat.
Someone’s pissing in an entry,
old man drink cheap alcohol,
one of them throws up and smiles
and I feel sickness in my bowls.

Strophe 2:
My mother comes home.
She works as a char-woman alldays
for me and my brother
our lives shall be better…
…than her´s, she says.
Frankie takes drugs, Johnny steals,
and my jobs will allways miss.
Daddy can’t help her with us,
‘cause we don’t know, where he is

Strophe 3:
Your father’s a drinker.
Sometimes he beats you black and blue.
He raped your sister
and you’re afraid, next time it’s you.
You can’t report him to the police,
‘cause they won’t believe you.
And Daddy’s got nothing to lose,
so he will kill you, if you do.

Strophe 4:
I have a dream
that I will once get out of this,
but till then
I have to take life as it is.
Soon you’ll have to sell your love
poverty’s a bloody curse.
But when I see the tramps in the street,
I know, it even could be worse.

For you it’s a nightmare,
but I have to live there.
So I take my girl for a dance,
and we enjoy our dustbin romance



Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 05:37 min


For you

Strophe 1:
You try to hurt me, but you can´t.
Du schlägst gegen eine Mauer aus Stahl.
Versuch doch nur hindurch zu kommen,
no chance at all
for you.

Strophe 2:
Pack nur Deinen Meißel aus, all your tools,
gib Dein Bestes, Du kommst nicht durch.
Your arrows flying in the sky,
no chance at all
for you.

Strophe 3:
Verachtung trifft mich, and I laugh,
you haven´t checked the situation,
und Armut kriecht über Dein Haupt,
no chance al all
for you.

Strophe 4:
Forget the past, the future´s dead,
vergessen sei das Schauspiel nun endgültig.
Totgesagte leben schon lange nicht mehr,
no chance at all
for you.

Strophe 5:
Your words are empty, my feelings too,
wie Fliegensummen in meinen Ohren,
selbst Deine Feigheit trifft mich nicht.
No chance at all
for you.

Strophe 6:
Why should I hate you now at last?
Nur eines schlägt mir ins Gesicht:
Du tötetest die Poesie
that I brought
to you.




Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
Länge: ca. 06:49 min



Strophe 1:
This day is like every other day
and that means grey.
This evening I will sit at home,
all alone,
watching TV without thinking.
I started drinking.
The first time this day I feel glad
when I go to bed.

Refrain 1:
I will see you in my dreams.
I am waiting for my dreams.
I will love you in my dreams.
I am living for my dreams.

Strophe 2:
I don’t know your name or who you are
my perfect star,
but in my dreams you are always there
I forgot the rest of the day,
we fly away.
This world is perfect and I don’t feel
that it’s unreal.

[Refrain 1]

Strophe 3:
The whole night I stay with you,
for me it’s true.
We ran over beaches, hand in hand
in a foreign land.
I can feel you, touch you everywhere
your skin, your hair.
But then in my world begins the day
and I can’t stay.

[Bridge + Refrain 1 langgezogen]

Strophe 4:
Water turns to blood, rain to tears – joy to fear.
Somebody I have never seen – kills you and me.
I feel our pain, hear you cry – and then I die.
And always when I’m dreaming this man, kills me again…

Refrain 2:
I am crying in my dreams.
I am dying in my dreams.
I miss you in my dreams.
I’m afraid now of my dreams.



Musik: Karl Haas
Text: Karl Haas
Releases: xIIs
2015 auf unserer Webseite (Vocals recorded at „Otterbau Studios“)
Länge: ca. 05:04 min